Product of Environment

by Broken Thought Theory

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We are all a Product of our Environment, aren't we?

Broken Thought Theory's debut album explores the domino effects of ones surroundings from the perspectives of the seperate and combined environments of emcees EaRelevant and State Advanced.

Sonically, POE hits hard and carries rough edges throughout. The lyrics encompass everything from the 9-5 reality, struggles within the music industry, addiction, broken relationships, lost ones and obstacles overcome. This is the product of our environment, daily life and music.

The album's sole producer, Prolifik the Gifted, sets the tone, boasting a boombap backbone dusted with trap and electronic extremities, laying the track work for the 2 emcees to take their train of thought in new directions. Lyrically S.A. And E.R. spin clean delivery, a variety of flows, rhyme schemes and cadence to match the album's and group's evolving sound.


released May 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Broken Thought Theory Sydney, Australia

Broken Thought Theory are a hip-hop outfit melding styles from west coast Canada, the Innerwest and South Sydney regions. Featuring production and turntablism from Prolifik The Gifted combined with rhythmic vocal blasts from emcees State Advanced and EaRelevant.

BTT are currently working on there official debut album " Product of Environment " with a release date pegged for early 2016.
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Track Name: Lift
ER verse

from the jump this the sound out the box
This sound that hip hop
This the bump this the bounce in the spot this the sound of the lift off
I stay alit lot
In this state of gridlock
I swear hip hop is state of mind and where I belong
I remember from the out the box on the days that we bombed
That lord finesse, keith murray, pac, rakim allah
But I won’t ever let the boom
Substitute for paper
Medicate the room
With just the roughest flavour
Got the kick n the snares to ruffle up the neighbours
Prolifick productions Aint nothing to play with
CQ, the boom bapper, the blues rapper of truth
I bruise batter the booth
I do damage to new jackers
Its our flow n our content
Throwing out nonsense
Showing we nonchalant but you know that its progress
They way we stroll over
Roll over give us your set
Prolyl thought we were just blowing on that chronic
We on that do it all
Doing it all whether we profit
Broken thought theory I mean really what’s in your head?


So I drift, so I drift/
It gets so far away from me/

S.A. Verse

I gotta change my environment, before I drift away/
I gotta change my desires, let go of twisted ways/
I'm up for takin this higher promote a different day/
one devoted entirely to how I hit the stage/
this is lift off all engines go my motor rollin quote it/
this is hip hop, nobody own it own the moment/
tick tock, as time erodes I try to hold my own before I get lost/
n try to find my home cuz I can kinda zone and drift off/
my mind is on some spit raw,
design it to line em up remind em of how this shit drops.../
drop shit sick better handle with caution/
this that lockjaw spitting bitch, mandible claw shit/
yo I pop off quick at inadamate objects/
better watch yours this is just a standard deposit/
til our stock soars we be steady bankin them projects/
in the top drawer so they won't examine the process/


I keep my head in outer space, space cadet/
Lunatic space bum with the tape cassette/
Track Name: The Return

S.A. Verse

Walk before ya run, gotta lock n load the gun/
got a pocket full o drums, gonna drop em on the one/
one two once it's done I can't undo it/
once it start I can't stop, gotta run through it/
Fullback o dope that fall back or go packin/
full pack o wolves backin grown ass adult rappin/
full sack o smoke, ya just something for the road/
gotta hold back this pulse that be fuckin with my dome/
n that's just the start of the symptoms/
I'm a hip hop head, use my heart as the kick drum/
that's the diagnosis, hardly a victim/
you can get caught dead being part of the system/
let it go, big pharma to medical/
they harmin ya, latch on hard with their tentacles/
generally just so they can harvest their chemicals/
alarmin this planets gone largely inedible/


Blam with the rap from the front to the back/
Jam packed whole crowd bumping/
Blam with the rap from the front to the back/
Make the whole crowd feel something/
E.R. Verse

I rap like no one out there can fuck with me
Fuck with me, ya stares get buck fifty’d
We the heir’s
In the air puff sticky
But I’m still catching a bus to p’s to bust silly
To me it’s a merc
Illeqwip soliders leave e mint he dirt
To me this isn’t work
This the natural like genronimo mic
I flip the factual’s when im booming those mics
Stress levels rise like the property price
My mans talk with his hands like he wanted to fight
We stay a lil mellow not ya average cigarillo
Props to state advanced been a brother like a relo
Speaking on famlam I gotta thank my man P
Broken thought theory
Not the regiment to forced feed
To all my team we about to get it in
Syd city’ representatives
Illeqwip kings
Fool what you want?

Track Name: Stone Leaf

Smell the rosey, you don’t really know me/
You can do the ring around and tell we ain’t no phonies/
I’m with my homies, all of us got dome needs/
But we always running with a pocket full of stoneleaf/

S.A. Verse

I got that rockbud, dense chop that StoneLeaf/
offer up some smoke once I got enough to hold me/
pockets overgrown I be rockin up with OZ's/
if problems overflow know I ain't talkin to the po-lice/
like officer don't know me, no/
I mind my own so I'll just walk away slowly, slowly/
but all these cops are fuckin nosey,
chalk it up to if they want they'll lock me up and own me, own me/
this that '84 baby ya on that daily smoke,
faded but I stay in scope, lately I been layin low/
my dues paid in full, ain't make it major tho,
n I ain't praying that they'll play this on the radio/


ER Verse

MR where the Kwando at
The Brothers Stoney
Broken thought theory
ya mothers can smell the stone leaf
im with my homies
all of us no phonies
bumping that
smoke & mirrors on that Oc
got a bong that’s a cauldron blowing smoke rings
rapping circles
round you sulking so- called kings
we on lock with the farmers that grow dope things
can spot the po a mile coming on some what you holding
guaranteed it aint as potent as what we groping
new seeds Indiana Hoboken Houdini choking
the tokers and fiends in focus of what we throwing lets blow it
prolifik productions
some of the pro-est, so lit

Track Name: Belong
Verse 1 ( SA )

Walk with me now, in a minute, run/
Stompin around all gimmicks, done/
Popular sound, sell ya soul in a song/
I do not wonder how I don't belong/
Can't be bought, sold or pawned/
Ain't cuttin my grass, ain't mowin my lawn/
been bustin my ass with raps the flows strong/
ain't fuckin with that, don't know what I'm on/
on and on on, we hit it til it's gone, ya 6 in the morn/
no one twistin my arm, I'm addicted to harm,
that liquid hit when it mix with the pharms/
1 switch and I'm on, rip rippin your lawn,
when I shift I'm gon, tick tickin a bomb, bomb bomb/
1 twitch and I'm fixin to snap,
cocked back ya, pump pump pump/

Verse 2 ( ER )

When I rock the mic, I’m feeling ostracized
It’s like,
Were the only ones who rock it right
You cut?, you cut like a pocket knife
Who’s us?
Dudes hush, we the bombing type
Like hirosh, the comp is compost
Jog on boss,
Stomp ya swan song and pop ya pom pom’s,
Brock rottem take a shot a like sawd off’
The god got stock, what the comp is not on
I don’t belong with these autobots
On the rock that were on, they adorn the dosh
My train of thought explores the stops youd probably not
Still spotting kron, on the grid like Tron , like Flynn I’m lost
Yeah more than god
Serve the shit we wanna boss to ya confident cons
Waiting for a lift off the block
We don’t belong so take a walk


I fucked up half o my day just from last night alone/
there was no contemplating between the right and wrong/
difficult separatin to choose which side I'm on/
don't know that I belong, don't know that I belong/


They ha-hate everywhere I go/
Walk with me, walk with me, walk with me now/

Verse 3 ( ER )

I don’t play for trends kid
I play the trenches
Stay offended with the way they pen shit
Shit that they droppings the weight of 10 cents
Wait, it makes sense they don’t pay attention
I’m cool with it, So cool it or get schooled with it
We doing it, you stool shitting, you ain’t bullshitting no bullshitters (whhaaattt)
CQ on lock with the bar keep
Chief with a peace pipe puffin on dark streets
See ya little flock up on some charge gee
You wouldn’t be bubbling if you were Todd carney
Got Marley, larger, rap like dolmari
Cats are all pardon dogs can keep barking
I’ve lost it all partner
So when I out character they say its alarmin’

Verse 4 ( SA )

What up boy, top o the mornin/
we get up in the set, no stopping the swarming/
got the performance on lock to the door,
ain't dropping the norm, I am not for conforming/
To the minions of weak, your opinions of sheep/
I'm a wolf this is dinner to me/
on the brink of defeat, still swing for the seats,
dig deep got a thing for the beats/
that thing that thing, some cats are out here acting rapping/
fake jacks attracting wack things lack zing/
lay tracks to blast em back, think bat swing, that thing/
I swear on my life Ima get it ugh/
won't mimic so it's mine when I did it what/
gon win it win it, minds on the finish,
hundred lines to begin it, we define the infinite ugh/
Track Name: Hits
S.A Verse

I'm on some other shit, I shift when the music's on/
do the song, my crew the bomb, the dudes that you been snoozin on/
I move along, ya we don't do this just to prove em wrong/
the foolish that do this, do this get used n lose a future pawn/
so who you movin on? Shit did they do you wrong/
we pursue the long game dude, tout le mond/
fuck theses fake jack snake rap cats,
get your face slapped back, get your taste back quick/
so many duplicates choose to copy n paste that shit/
all infatuated with fame, they chase that bitch/
not me I drift, this a stickup gimme all your shit/
not your possessions I'm questin just to get some tolerance/
we all legit, solid writtens, sculpt a model then polish it/
inject it with collagen puff it up before you swallow it/
ya all of it, scholarship in rap politics, ain't college bitch/
the plot of it ain't moderate, and hollow tips can leave you chasin what you gotta get/
god I gotta spit out this fire, I gotta flip out entirely these flows is just so dominant/
you bought it your a buyer, saw it up in a flyer,
I got it I'm a supplier, I own everything you wanna hit/


Hit 1, hit 2, hit 3/
Hit it up, hit it all if it’s free/

ER verse

Slick with the words like Ricky in his eye patch
Putting in work,Sydney city rhyme cats
Hit the kiddies with particularly tight raps
Like ya tight pants
That aint for me, have trouble hiding the taipan
Its plain to see
We subtle with running mics man
We’ll take the green, Pass me another light fam
This A- Z, doe or die, 95 til infinity
Living that 9-5, no 9 lives given
Considering time fly’s
Right time to hit em Is right now
Live and direct ready to wreck a dive bar
Skill so sweet, the dialect diabetic
Ya stylus I get it to skip like ya heart
Seeing red n blue sirens, they ready to fire Leddy
No likeness to nil- any
Styles thick, Kilkenny
Kid from the main Etiquette,
red pill n a bevy = The truth!



Yo you want, you want it? then come and get it, uugh/
Oh I’m on it, I’m on it, I overdid it nah/
We gon get it loud, loud any minute now, now/
No more limits in it til it’s finished get up shout/
Track Name: Sometimes ft. Cassandra Braslin

I’m needing you sometimes to unwind/
I think I need you just one time to come fine/
I need the heat of your sunshine to numb mine/
And I can leave you for sometime, sometimes/

S.A. Verse

Sometimes I'm needin you,
but I got shit I need to prove n I've defeated you/
I'm seein thru your simple traps and know you're beatable/
I been broken choked and beat to pulps,
left hopin with a feeble pulse a joke expecting me to fold/
from time to time I feel you creeping in my dreams,
got you speaking in my ear about the peaks you bout to bring/
if I awake and you were here would we repeat out lil fling?/
cuz when I'm sleeping and we meeting I don't feel a fucking thing/
got me really wondering if I can trust myself,
when it's me and you in the same room the dust'll settle/
already needed a take two to flush the mental,
cuz I ain't waitin for fate dude I push the pedal/
all the coals I been raked thru, I know that I'll make due,
the roads that I paved new, just hopin to break thru/
every moment I shake you I'm unloadin some weight too/
it shows in your face true, I know how these snakes move/


E.R. Verse

Ugh, im a drop like a kabuki
Rockin the loose leaf with these two gees
And a pocketful of lucy
Often off it, loose seekue
Ticking money of my mates that need loot too
Sticking blunts in my face
Sick of running in place when we’re ahead of them
The know chris but never heard Earelevant
Well I been telling them
Don’t be too late
Because when they wanna be mates again
I aint befriending them
Every sentence zero pretend is embedded in
Be real careful with the letters you forever bend
We broke in the building cox they weren’t gunna let us in
I stand with the theory
Peddling shit, you could never blend
Been dealing with the pressure test since my precious left
If you think I’m feeling vexed then you guess correct
I’m trying to rid this hex
Over kicks n snares
I’m trying to fix that debt, until I’m kissing death

Track Name: P.O.E
S.A Verse

Have u been properly prepared?
Are u impaired, held back lack o knowledge unaware?/
first time get burned, lessons are learned/
second time it's just progression that the weapons get turned/
caught up and don't belong in this environment/
I'll stick to makin the product, you stick to buyin it/
create a fake image n weave a bit of magic/
but sewing new threads don't change your inner fabric/
tragic kingdom to live in I imagine/
life's fashion, change your clothes get to acting/
so look around you, influence can drown you/
the book you bow to can ruin if allowed to/
you are what you know, what you know?
That's as far as it goes, we already know/
you are what you know, what you know?
That's as far as it goes, we already know/


P-O-E, we all products operating correctly/
P-O-E, product of the environment that I was brought up in/
The way you brought up, you brought up/
Make you a product, a product/

ER verse

You’re a product of your environment
A slave to the microchip
They profit off the violence
And play a little violin
Everybody out to make a mill
Those likes ain’t real
Go buy some skill or some vitamins
A friendly reminder
Remember who ya rhyming to
The b double T
aint got loot for designer do’s
Given the boot if you write them the truth
Give them the booth if their lies hypnotising the youth
Its survival of,
who your down to do just to make a move
im here on the track, in the nude standing true
coz when it all falls down it amounts to you
pick yourself up, is what they shout to do
but when all falls down, it can end in boom
mind control tactics
strong enough to bend a spoon

Track Name: Liv4 ft. Cassandra Braslin
ER Verse

I’m writing raps with my dog and I really mean canine
Give em a glance a gifted insane mind
Willing to take mine
Spliffing on mainline
Mutant of a night
Worker bee of the day time
Forming a straight line for little pay slice
I’m in disguise as the pauper who tamed mice
They awkward like straight guys who bought tiks to the gay night
Im the sawed off that’s sharp as a steak knife
Illeqwip be the clique if you after the straight fly
Mr business, don’t fuck baked liar
Its Brock Rotty spinning webs like lotte
With the lead john gotty, Cqza the same guy
With the scent of bobby in ya neighbourhood
Polly with the flavour, stood brollied coz we rocking a reign vibe
We wetting a predator, Earelevant the general
Getting better you never will
Rep repping my brethren
Still, meddle in medicine
Still peddle for federals
Still, birds of feather
Real life on a pedestal
Shits getting bad, could be worse, so I steady chill
Looking at the amour guards
They looking like I bet he will

This is what you’re in for/
This is what we live for/
I line em up like that/ ( CASS )
I line em up like that/ ( CASS )

S.A. Verse

My name is, yet to be famous/
mic check say yes when you bang this/
invested my days for a decade n change
thru the pleasures n pains to be next on your playlist/
hex all the haters, yes we can hang with best entertainers they testin my patience/
flex imitation, who's next in the race,
know there's only one man on the decks that can fade us/
murder one on the mix n you ain't heard a gun/
word to mom yo Prolifik a surgeon son/
heard a bump bump bump better turn it up up,
better word em up learn em what's up/
get to burnin up the herb lift your bourbon cups up/
try to keep an alert up if I be swervin fucked up,
try to cleanup the dirt I done now I'm turnin up mud/
keep turnin up earnin bucks servin up drugs/


I line em up like that, everybody wants a little piece of the action/
I like to see them out, here comes another one, nother one/
Track Name: Theory is Win
E.R. Verse

This that north face rap from the hallways
Back when we were poor
On a stick, going four ways
Now we pouring elixirs in all states
Game full of poor sports putting on war paint
Got Amateurs under the hammer like a court case
Leave ya service sautéed
CQ that Caucasian
Speaking gourmet grammar is my forte
Have em vanishing from the form of my foray
my team is famished and its time we handled more cake
if it ain’t mutual gain
they I ain’t finna talk aye
got a hawks aim on ya broads chain
born in a monopoly but life aint a board game
I’m a push em to the side if they push up on my mic
this is work to me, it wouldn’t be right
if I rocked up to ya 9 to 5 like lookie let me type
until my bucks right
put it in, outta sight


S.A. Verse

So I rev it up, and let my mind race/
until it vibrate your hands now get em up/
I could never get enough, n though the times change,
I play this rhyme game sublime just to interrupt/
cuz when my mind is racin, chasin I am my desired pace/
face in fireplace eyes open I be wide awake/
and we don't fake shit, but we been snake bit,
raps so plastic now a bunch o fake tits/
we organic n landed up on this planet to sanitize
all these bandits who damaged what we've been handed/
we break their standards n gather a man advantage
n granted we cut deep this ain't handled with a standard bandage/
we cut deep, deep, deep deeper than Atlantis/
and take it all in we callin it panoramic/
ain't no man to panic, steel eyes slab o granite/
no tab o Xanax I will fly off the handle dammit/
man to man it's slander, hand to hand a laughing matter Adam Sandler
crush these pop bands like some cans o fanta/
slip n slide, gettin by fools mystified that this the guy
that rush em quick as crimson tide from Alabama/
got that mallet hammer sing it so the rats'll scatter/
batter batter take your base and make your case and face the chatter/
I'm throwing high and inside unless you change the matter/
it's win or lose I'm enthused you gon take the latter/



Wake up, go work, make dough, spend, repeat/ ( E.R. )
Man makes money, money, money don’t make the man/ ( S.A. )

E.R. Verse 2

The theory is win, we overtime on double shifts
Triple double
Dirty hands and a muddy wrist
In a city of sin where some succumb to it
I need more than 30 Grand in a duffle zip
Amongst all the sickness and suffering
Me and brothers be spitting something of substance
Work I put in like my first name Vladimir
My broken thought theory really doesn’t have a fear
A 29 year skipping on the right fair
Lower to middle class state of mind in some Nike airs
Insomniac right here, searching the night air
Draining an ale
On the wale, why I am here?
Track Name: Broken Thoughts ft. Cassandra Braslin
S.A. Verse

We all live with laws n beliefs and how you're viewed depend/
on how you play the rules, who'll break, who can bend/
you create the future trends including what you do to win/
I find the truth within n leak my blood out thru the pen/
not to offend don't find my faith in phony supermen,
superficial deceit, repeat I don't do pretend/
cuz I keep losin friends, that seemed so ready for this race,
but their engines lacked the pace to make it to the end/
n I ain't throwin blame, but I ain't showin praise/
cuz there's no golden rays replacing all them stolen days/
heavy toll to pay, just the price, roll o the dice
with life, in a night it can float away/
I believe in me, and all my peoples dreams/
we speak the frequency of peace its part of being free/
it's what we need to breathe, so keep ya Jesus piece squeaky clean
just bein me don't feel the need to be supreme/


These days, these days are so crazy/
These prayers are broke they won’t save me/
Been raining, soak the hope daily/
We fading, overdose take me/


I gotta make it to heaven, forever going through hell/
Second guessing the devil got me ready to bail/

ER verse

These days, these days are getting crazy mate
I blaze to take away the pain of the day to day
A slave for the pay they say to save for later age
I think its safe to say that’s it’s a trap
Nice shot, Fade away
As my hope burns out, like flame to a wick
I remain with the itch that it won’t go south
They ain’t playing my shit coz I don’t go down
It ain’t your biz why I wear this frown
They all talk, but not a lot hear
more want, there’s not a lot here
Big pomp of the pot n the beer
Ya not comp, so what would I fear
Fuck ya status and ya likes
Maggots with a mic
This is real life baby in a battle every night
With some weird types, shady
On the we’re right, crazy
In the headlights lately
In the alley screaming why
See the kid vibrating on the stars
Fuck waiting till a 5-stars vacant
I’m a make it just fine
Track Name: Rise
S.A Verse

I wake up at 8am, this how my day begin/
I like to write in the sun soak in the radiance/
I need invincible flow, 2000 Adeem at scribble jam,
or 3000 speakin on them aliens/
I play to win, hone my craft everyday,
in my DNA, this the path that we pave/
I'm feelin great, got my music to escape,
hey that's one thing I didn't lose when I moved away/
n I be grateful everyday that's just how I was raised/
never taught that paper created the power to change/
it's all within, balls to the wall to win/
hollering I'm all in, checkin my tolerance/
I push my daily limit just so I can stay inventive/
I twist n blaze then pen it, this is just my way to vent it/
I stay dependent on my music tryin to main event it/
n stay indebted to anyone ever paid a penny/


Sunrise up in my eyes/
Need to chill out, figure it out/

ER verse

Now, I know the world owe me nothing
And when I get lost
I know I ain’t the only cousin
As I search for self in this world through words, put work
Yelling at the universe to show me something
all I’m getting is set backs on set backs
I keep going from sun up to jet black
Determination on thing in my focal
Laughing at the attempts to get him to step back
That’ll be the hopeful when pigs fly
Over the moaning, owning the moment to get right
I cut a few links
I cut a few drinks
I got be a little bit sober to get mine
And the only person I totally co-sign is I
It’s ShowTime, rise & shine its life
But sometimes the grind can literally take lives
But as long as I’m alive
I’m showing promise to rise